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TASER® Laws and Restrictions

We sell and ship to both civilians and law enforcement throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, but ship only TASER accessories to Massachusetts. The following States and Cities have restrictions. It is your responsibility as the buyer to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and national laws concerning the purchase, ownership, possession, and use of any product we offer for sale. It is not the seller's responsibility to make this determination. Laws change, and this is not an exhaustive list. Consult your local and state laws if you are in doubt. 

Unless shipping to a government law enforcement agency, we collect personal information before shipping to negate any intent or likelihood that our products would ever be used unlawfully. Illinois residents must have a FOID card. Michigan residents must have a firearms permit. Law enforcement officers in restricted areas can provide their badge number and agency name in the Special Instructions section when equipment is shipped to their home address.


  • HAWAII (Requires registration)


  • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Requires permit)


  • CONNECTICUT (In home only)
  • ILLINOIS (Requires FOID card)
  • MASSACHUSETTS (Requires firearms license)
  • NORTH CAROLINA (No concealed carry)
  • SOUTH CAROLINA (Requires permit or in own home or business)
  • WISCONSIN (Requires CCW license or in own home or business)
  • MARYLAND and MINNESOTA (Require background checks)

You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the TASER restrictions in your local area. This is not a comprehensive list. For the latest information contact your local law enforcement agency.

Please feel free to call us at 1-702-617-3300 to discuss your personal application and address any concerns. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your particular situation. Thank you for your business!

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